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Trying to culminate Resources for the Gay community into one location can be at its very best a daunting task and at its worst impossible. The sheer variety of sources of information is extremely large and varied. In the past 20 years or so public acceptance of the Gay lifestyle has exploded to such a degree that its almost common place.  I have tried to place as many of these sources here as possible in as many categories as is plausible for this type of site.  If I have missed any or you know of any that should be included here then please feel free to Email me with the information and I will include it here. Or if you may be looking for something that's not here Please use our feedback form and I will try to research it for you.

From the list below select the category that best suits what your looking for and you can refine your search from there. At the bottom of this page is a search function that you can use to locate resources directly either from with in this site or you can search the entire internet. When doing a internet search I do recommend that you precede your request with the word's Gay or Lesbian to narrow your search parameters.