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Welcome to My World, Cum on in and sit a spell. Please let me take a moment and tell you a little about my world. My Number #1 goal here is to educate the public about the Gay Lifestyle and to help others to find the resources that they may need. As well as Having one of the best Dam Photo Gallery's available to the public for free.

What You Won't Find Here

I have spent many years surfing the web and have found that most sites out there are just too dam commercial for my tastes so when I started this site I decided on one thing that would remain constant as long as this site is up. That it would forever be free of commercial advertising. So what you WONT find here is:

  • Banners

  • Pop Up Windows

  • Paid Advertising

Any ad's that you find here will be for services that I either use regularly or know the webmasters personally.

Go to msn.comSearch the Web for:

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Our Mission Statement

Our goal here is to educate the public on the "Gay Lifestyle" and to provide information on available resources to the entire gay community in Southern California area. Some of the issues we will be Dealing with here are:

  • Aids / HIV Research Issues

  • Current Gay Legislation

  • Travel Accommodations

  • Church's, Counseling & Medical

  • Community Events

  • Personals & Web Cam's

  • Watering Holes & Meeting Places

  • Other Resource Links

  • At Your Own Risk Sex Locations

  • Some of the Hottest Pictures & Videos available for free on the Net

I Firmly believe in giving Credit where its due and The Vast Majority of the Pictures that I have collected over the Past 10 Years (All of which are in my Gallery's) I received by subscribing to several Yahoo groups so Click on the Link and go join a group... And tell them Peeker Sent ya..!!

Are you a Queen or a Macho man?? Click on the logo to find out for sure. Take a short test and you will know for sure. And you will be able to display this cool logo for the world to see your Macho Level....

A Friend of mine sent this to me and asked that I share it with you, If you agree with anything said here then please pass it along.... HOMOPHOBIA

News Central

3/15/09 - Well were Back..!! Our photo gallery is now up and running again. I am still in the process of adding files. Currently were at 186,000 files online and I still have another 150,000 to add. We have also added a Video Section.

4/10/09 - Our Chat room is now up and running so please check it out and let me know what you think....

4/24/09 - Due to a severe lack of interest and a invasion of "Bots" I have shut down the Rainbow room permanently.

Our Picture of the Day....

To See this hot stud and thousands more visit our sister Site Peekersgallery.com


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