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My Personal Philosophy on life.....

When I started this site I must admit that it was designed primarily to get myself laid, but somewhere along the way it has developed a life and a soul of its own and has grown in ways that I could not have predicted into what you see before you today. And I will assume for the moment that this is a good thing and will continue on as long as I feel that it is helping someone. 

All I know for sure is that it has helped me to more fully understand the lifestyle into which I was born and have lived in like a virtual hermit simply by not knowing the scope of the gay community and the vast array of resources available to it.  And I have met some really good people along the way, some of which have contributed to this site and to my own personal development.   I still haven't found Mr. Right yet but know I feel more confident that he is out there somewhere just waiting to be found.  I include this section so that you as a visitor to my humble world will leave here with a little better understanding of what motivates someone like to myself to take on this monumental task.

Hobby's & Pastimes

*       Amusement parks (Magic Mountain is my favorite), Movies (mostly Horror, Sci-Fi, and comedy's) , Computers, Music (Soft Rock, Oldies & Country) , Sex Videos ( I collect them and have about 300 now), People watching & Star Trek (if you don't like it I don't want to hear about it!!!!!)  

Sexually Speaking

*       I am mostly a bottom but will top for the right person, 

*       I am attracted to men in or near my own age group (30's - 50's) and prefer in shape men.  I especially love Bald men, True Blondes and Redheads. And I just love a really hairy chest, butts and balls. Big nipples & Low hangers really turn me on too.

*       I am a very oral person, I find my tongue goes just about anywhere it wants to and I love to cuddle both before and after sex.

*       Unfortunately I am also a Smoker, I know that turns off some people but it also allows me to find people that will accept me for what I am and not try to change me.  I am however working towards being a non-smoker in the near future.

The only fetish that I lay claim to is for Tight Whites, believe me there isn't nothing hotter than a sexy man in a pair of Jockey shorts... YUM!! and of course I love Poppers and toys but will not tolerate any type of KINK.

 I don't want to be beaten, tied up or exchange any type of bodily fluid other than Cum!!!!! (and that's optional)


Your Host, The Peeker

   My Real name is Robert and I live in Riverside, Calif. That's about 60 miles Southeast of the Los Angeles area located in Riverside County.   I am 51 Years old and have been out of the closet for almost 32 years now.  Currently I am working as a Field supervisor for a major Security firm in the Riverside area.  And I also Build, Repair & upgrade Computers on the side as a hobby.  I do Not provide Photo's on the site of me because of my occupation but will email some to you upon request.

Here are some of the more pertinent facts that I know some of you cock hounds are looking for:

Physical Description

 GWM, 6 Ft, 165 Lbs., Salt & Pepper Hair, 6.5 Cut with dashing Blue bedroom eyes.

*       Clean shaven with  a Goatee and I have both my ears pierced but No Tattoos (Yet!!)

*       I keep a close military style haircut (What I call my "Pissed off Marine look")

*       I don't drink (don't mind people who do) and I don't do Drugs ( won't tolerate people who do) 

*       As of my last Aids test (I get tested every 6 months) I am HIV- and intend to stay that way. I am currently under treatment for Diabetes and Recently underwent Open Heart Surgery to correct a defect but have fully recovered.

*       I have no problem with Safe Sex as long as its not carried too far. I do however insist on the usage of a condom while fucking unless I know you VERY WELL

*       Personality traits that  I value most in people are "Honesty, Sense of Humor and Intelligence" in that order. I will be totally honest with you (Some times brutally) and expect the same in return. And I really Hate Stupid people. (You know who you are!) 

*       I prefer to be with a man that is Fun loving, likes maybe some of my interests, Is Secure (both financially and Personally) and sure of himself. I don't bond well with clingy people. there are times when I need to be alone and find them to be a distraction. 

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